6 Most popular water filtration media in India 2022

6 Most popular water filtration media in India 2022

  • By: Nikhlesh Ranjan
  • Tue May 10, 2022
6 Most popular water filtration media in India 2022

Water is the most important element for life on earth. But to get pure water has become challenging. Thanks, Sai Aquafresh for providing RO Water Purifier so that we can get 100 % pure water. 

Most of us have drunk the filtered water. But have you wondered how it is done? 

What are the materials or media used for filtration? 

Filtration media, a powdery substance that varies in thickness, is the unsung hero of the water filtration technique.

In Most filtration systems water passes through the media. Filtration media is the workhorse of the system. The type of impurities that the filtration cleans depends on the media used. 

Below is the list of popular filtration media as follows-

1-Activated carbon 

The most popular water filtration medium so far is activated carbon. When organic material like wood, coal, or coconut shell is heated such that it converts into char. The char is then treated to create porous materials that are used to pull out toxins and impurities from water. 

Activated carbon media is used in almost all water pitcher filters, water bottle filters, and most water home filtration systems. It removes organic water contamination, chlorination byproducts, lead, copper, and pesticides. It can also clean unpleasant chlorine taste and odour, left behind in water treatment facilities. 

2-Catalytic Carbon

Catalytic carbon is a special form of activated carbon with enhanced catalytic capabilities. It's primarily used to get rid of chloramine from water. Activated carbon can only remove a small percentage of chloramine. But Catalytic carbon is effective in cleaning chloramine from drinking water. 


Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, KDF filtration media, consists of copper and zinc particles. It's used to reduce water-soluble heavy metals including chlorine, iron, and hydrogen sulfide. It also filters scale, bacteria, and algae in the water. 

It's extremely efficient in removing chlorine from water, but not effective for chloramine. 

It has a long life and works better at higher temperatures and with cheaper media.


It contains a mix of different media so that it can purify different types of impurities. 

5-Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse osmosis membrane is an incredibly popular filtration media that can clean a large percentage of impurities from water including some dangerous ones like asbestos and hexavalent chromium. 

water is passed through the membrane, it allows water molecules but traps water-soluble toxins like heavy metals, bacteria, and pyrogens.

6-Ultra-violet lights

In this process, water is pumped into the chamber with an ultraviolet bulb. The ultraviolet rays produce a tuned frequency that can kill microbes. These rays pierce the cell membrane and damage the DNA so that it can't reproduce further. 

It is not effective just for bacteria and viruses, but it is also free from harsh chemicals. 

Apart from these six media, there are others like Activated Aluminium, Manganese Dioxide, and Calcium carbonate for Alkaline Water Purifier. 

But the next question is which is the perfect filtration media, you will choose for your home. 

You will likely end up going for mixed media as it can clean all types of impurities. And there is no need to choose different media for different impurities. 

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A few years back I purchased a water purifier from Sai Aquafresh for my office. I was so impressed with it that I ordered another RO with the water cooler. My employees appreciate knowing that they can have as much purified water as they want without having to worry about running out of bottles.


I am very glad and grateful to you that I am so much satisfied after using your water purifier. The purification quality and taste of the water are both so natural that make me satisfied.


Drinking totally pure water has become a constant pleasure with Sai Aquafresh. The technology, utility, quality, and so on everything is just amazing. I highly recommend Sai Aquafresh for water solutions to everyone.

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions

A water ionizer (also known as an alkaline ionizer) is home equipment that used to increase the drinking water PH by electrolysis to detached the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components. Alkaline water is the alkaline stream of the treated water.

A glass of alkaline water any other day would have no effect on your body. If you drink a gallon of alkaline water every day, your body will have to work harder to retain its pH, which means your body will produce more gastric juices and digestive enzymes over time.

Antioxidants (hydroxyl ions) can last for 18 to 24 hours. The alkaline properties (higher pH) can last around 1-2 weeks. The molecule clusters with smaller sizes would last around 1-3 months.

According to researchers, alkaline water has additional benefits that normal tap or bottled water do not. Alkaline water contains a higher amount of Ph levels than normal bottled water, which helps to reduce acidity levels in the body.

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