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Magnetic Water Softener

Magnetic Water Softener
Magnetic Water Softener - The Magnetic Water Treatment System works on scale controls systems for prevention of scale and also de-scales the existing deposits, thus avoiding corrosion and pitting problems. The Magnetic Water Treatment System has been acclaimed by different research organizations like The United States testing Company Inc., Advance Research Agency of the Department of Defense, U.S.A., NASA- U.S.A., Hospital Engineering – Great Britain and others. The adjustable magnetic water treatment system require no electricity to operate and needs minimal maintenance.

The magnetic field in this purification system amplifies the potential (Electromotive Force) in the water, thus improving the water and making it softer. As an effective water softeners MAGNA POWER is widely used in heat exchangers, chillers, compressors, generator sets, refrigeration system, air conditioning plants, humidifiers, poultry farms, RO systems, hotels, ships, commercial kitchen, laundry, hospitals, agriculture etc., where water is either used for cooling or heating.

Researches have sited that magnetized water is benefiting for humans and is advisable for people suffering digestive problems, excretory problems and nervous systems problems. The magnetized water improves digestion, reduces acidity and cures flatulence. Usage of magnetized water regularly prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the inner surface of the blood vessels. adjustable magnetic water treatment system also washes out these deposits deposits slowly with time and improves the blood supply and nutrition to various organs. 100% bacterias are killed and their further growth is restricted in water from MAGNA POWER.


1. No Salt required – Time & Cost saving Salt to be added often
2. Is attached as a part of the pipeline Requires extra plumbing & Space
3. Works without operator Need operator every time
4. Good for human consumption Presence of Sodium sited, so not good for consumption
5. Zero maintenance units Regular maintenance & Services required.
6. Magnets have a life of about 20-25 years. Resin needs replacement years after 3 years
7. Continuous flow without choking Frequently choking
8. Useful for generators in scale removal Does not remove existing scale
9. Generate zero pollution Water pollution is caused due to out flow of the salt.
10. Removes existing scales (Calcium & Magnesium). Does not remove existing Scales
11. Output of product remain constant Out put varies due to operational factors
12. Also helps in removing parts of Sulphur Does not remove sulphur & Iron and Iron

Magnetic Water Softener ADVANTAGE

Magna Power in Agriculture : The use of Magna Power in vegetation / agriculture has helped in:
Magnetic Water & Human Health : As discussed earlier, Magnetised water increases the solubility of minerals and hence improves the transfer of nutrients to all parts of the body. Some prime advantages of Magna Power are as follows :

Magnetic Water Softener EFFECT ON SCALING

MAGNA POWER is the right solution for hard water & scaling problems and it provides chlorine free taste and odor. This Magnetic Water Filter ideally caters to domestic drinking water filtration needs, without the use of salts or chemicals. Along with effective filtration, Magna Power is the best hard water scale prevention system. The system filters down chlorine tastes, odors, hard water, sediment, rust etc. to 1 micron and prevents hard water scale buildup. Unlike other sodium based water softeners, the Magna Power uses no salts or electricity to treat hard water scale, thus eliminating the need for drain lines and waste water. The system is chemical free and does not add unwanted sodium (salt) or chemicals to the water for purification. Magna Power provides whole house filtered drinking water at every tap removing unwanted chlorine tastes, odors, and more.

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